Steel Tube & Pipe Profiles

Reg no: 2019/504537/07

Products and Services

NEW Development projects - Neck Clamp; Loading ramp; Chicken coop; Automatic hay feeder

Customised Gate Manufacturers

Game farm gates 

Sliding gates

Garden gates

Cattle / Sheep Farm gates

Flock / Sheep Creep gates

Manufacturing according to customer specifications.

 Bale Rings & Feeders

Cattle Bale Ring

Sheep Bale Ring

Goat square bale Feeder

Washing lines
2m high - 6 lines
Installation available 

Kraal Panels

Cattle Kraal panel 

Sheep Kraal panel

Goat Kraal panel


Lamb Cage Panels

3m x 1.2m /1.5m high panel with/without gates

1.5m x 1.2m /1.5m high panel with/without gate

Rolling & Bending of mild steel tubes / pipes

Mild Steel tube & pipe bending from sizes 25mm - 51mm

Mild Steel tube & pipe rolling from                                  size 16mm - 76mm

Customised cage manufacturers

Cages with lockable gates. Various sizes available. 

Installation available. Manufacturing according to specifications.